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First Lady Deitre' Smith

Deitre' Smith

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Minister Deitre' Smith is the Leading Lady of Discipleship Tabernacle in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Where she shares in leadership with her husband, Pastor Kerry A. Smith. 

​Bestowed with many gifts and talents, she is a woman of faith and a woman who dares to do whatever God asks of her.  She has been anointed with the ministry of a song through worship and praise.  In 1993 she founded a musical group called, “UNITY” in which they were also able to produce a recording entitled, "Plain and Simple” under her leadership.  The Lord also has blessed her to produce her own play entitled "It Happened In The Church".  This play has touched and changed the lives of many.

In 2001, Minister Deitre' Smith accepted the call to the spoken word ministry. Declaring the Word of God and ministering in song, Lady Deitre’ Smith walks in an apostolic anointing and wears the mantle of the prophetic declaring, “thus saith the Lord” as she ministers healing and restoration throughout the Body of Christ. Her voice echoes that which the Lord speaks; compelling the body of Christ to get in their rightful places.

Minister Smith is a spiritual icon, setting the precedence for women everywhere with great tenacity and fortitude as a forerunner in the Body of Christ. She stands on the frontline, leading God’s people in reaching the masses to accomplish His will and purpose in the earth. Because of her heart for women to live in God's fullest, she founded the monthly women's fellowship, Talitha Cumi. She is also the visionary of Impaction Ministries where the primary focus is to serve as a catalyst in uniting women in the Body of Christ that we may have a greater impact not only in our communities but in every community around the world.

​Additionally, Minister Smith has matriculated through Norfolk State University and Tidewater Bible College, perfecting her gifts and talents as unto the Lord. Minister Smith is the mother of two children: Xavier and Sydney.

Her motto is: "If it is the Fathers will...then it's okay with me!"

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