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*Church Administration: 

    Sydney Smith

* Ministers: 

​     Elder Estelle Justin

* Deacons Ministry

     Deacon John Williams: Head Deacon

* Congregational Ministry

     New Members: Mother Sylvia Williams

     Helps Ministry: Brother Brian Bibbins

     Nurses: Sis. Pam Hoskins

     Hospitality: Sis. Francine Corbin

* Media Ministry

     Dec. Carl Herrera: Director

​     Audio Tech: Brother Carl Herrera | Bro. Jamier Herrera 

     Video Tech: Min. Anita Tatum


*Youth Ministry

     Sis. Jamie Hill: Director


​*Women's Ministry

     First Lady Deitre' Smith



*Men's Ministry

     Pastor Kerry Smith

* Outreach  

     First Lady Deitre' Smith

     Evangelistic: Priscilla Coleman

     Elderly Ministry: Dec. Robert Smith


  *Operation Hope Food Bank

    Evg. Samatha Hartley


* Men's Ministry

* Women's Ministry

* Children's Ministry

* Deacons Ministry

* Boy's II Men (Young Men)

* H.A.M. (Young Adult)

* Marriage Ministry

* Ministerial Affairs

* Music Ministry

* Media/Marketing Ministry

* Transportation Ministry

* Helps

* Nurses

* Outreach Ministry

* Operation Hope Food Bank

​Discipleship   Tabernacle

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