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Pastor Kerry Smith

Pastor Kerry Smith

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Pastor Kerry A. Smith is exemplary of the Lords word proclaimed by the prophet Jeremiah..."I will give you Pastors according to mine heart..." (Jeremiah 3:15). Filled with great compassion and genuine love for people from all walks of life, he stands as a vessel of honor committed to the shepherding of God's people. As a leader in the Body of Christ, Pastor Smith walks in an unprecedented level of humility and uncompromised integrity.


In the year 2001, Pastor Smith founded Discipleship Tabernacle in Virginia Beach, Virginia where he shares in ministry with his wife, Leading Lady Deitre' Smith. In February 2003, Pastor Smith was consecrated and installed in the Office of the Pastorate by the Honorable Apostle Michael J. Rogers, Sr.


Pastor Smith has been graced with many gifts and talents in which he uses to glorify God and edify the Body of Christ. He has the gifting of a minstrel as that of David, the heart of a shepherd as that of Moses, the wisdom of leader as that of Solomon, and the sacrificial love of a father as that of Jesus Christ.


In conjunction with his calling as a Pastor, he has been gifted in the ministry of worship and praise, instrumentation, and songwriting. These gifts, given to him by God, has made room for him and brought him before great men (Proverbs 18:16), allowing him to travel extensively nationally and abroad promoting the gospel through the spiritual element of worship and praise and the ministry of the preached Word of God.



Pastor Smith's unique style of ministry, often leads him to deliver the unadulterated Word of God through the mastery of illustration causing many to become healed and delivered under the anointed power of demonstration-transforming lives according to God's divine purpose. Pastor Smith is also the visionary and overseer of Men in Motion Ministries, which is derived from the Priests Men's Ministry of Discipleship Tabernacle. His availability to God, coupled with an unbridled passion to see men restored in the Church and in the Body of Christ as a whole, launched him into yet another great assignment. Under the auspices of Men in Motion Ministries, various ministries across the region are able to come together to assist one another in fulfilling the mission to bring men back to their rightful places in God. Along with Leading Lady Deitre' Smith by his side, he is the proud father of three-Keon, Xavier, and Sydney who are actively involved in ministry.

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